Alfie Remus

"Erm, is this a bad time, because I think I have some very important news that all of you, but especially Jeremy, should know. I am Jeremy's long lost twin brother. You would've only ever seen me when you were a tiny baby, but you can remember that far back, can't you?" I said, worried about their responses. Everyone's face was frozen with whatever expression they were wearing before I came. I looked around, and saw that Jeremy's face was worn and expressionless. I waited for a response from someone. None came.

 "Hello? Can someone respond? Jeremy?" I said, after deciding that they'd been quiet for too long.

 "Uhm, your name?" said an old man with a full head of hair which was slowly greying.

 "Alfie. Yours?" I replied.

 "Ah, I'm Remus, that's Jane, Paul, Amara-"

 "You're my brother?" Jeremy interrupted, not caring about anything anyone else was saying. Always in his own little world.

 "I am." I replied simply.

The End

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