Jeremy: Volunteer

 "Erm, let's see, because I am vampire and I can sense what she needs. So anyone want to volunteer for her to feed from you?" the vile, repulsive thing said in a voice so evil, so horrible. Jane looked like she wanted to spit on him.

 It was quiet for a moment whilst Natasha was slowly inching towards Paul, seemingly unaware of our observation. Paul didn't seem to wear an emotion, though. Not even when Natasha was about a foot away from him.

 No one wanted to volunteer. No one wanted to have the feeling of your life source being sucked out of you, not just because of the pain, but the embarrassment as well. Embarrassment because it seems like you're giving your enemy what it needs. I let out my breath slowly.

 "I'll do it" I stated, emotionless.

The End

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