Natasha: Blood

Jeremy came back though the tree tugging Riley behind him. We all walked back to my father place well I limped.

"Here let me pick you up." Paul offered holding his arms out to me.

"No it's ok." Then I had to put my hand out to stop myself from falling on my face. "Ok, fine." He slid his arm under me.

"Hope you don't get travel sick." He muttered.


Next thing I know I'm flying in the air in the safely of Pauls arms. It felt nice safe in many ways. The journey was too short as soon enough we were all together in the living room, my father of course reading when we all pilled in looked up shocked at the other member in the room. Jeremy was still hold tightly to the ropes that were around Riley. Jane was watching Riley too, hand on her stake ready to strike if anything turns bad. Paul was standing close to me. A little too close his scent was nice. Quite mouth watering really.

"So what's the meaning in this Jeremy, you miss the target or something?" My father asked a bit of sarcastic in his tone.

Jeremy replied but I wasn't really listening. The only thing I could hear was light heart beats thudding around the room. My body wanted to respond to the calling. Riley eyes were watching me closely. He knew something. He knew what was happening to me. What my body needed.

I couldn't stop staring at Paul; his neck looked so inviting to me.

"Hey Natasha are you ok?"

"Natasha, what's wrong?"

A small snarl filled my throat I edged myself closer to Paul, I felt strange and I couldn't snap out of it. I just wanted it. Blood. Paul's, Jane's, Jeremy's and even my own fathers.

"What's wrong with her?"

"My god. Look she needs blood. And fast before she takes a bite out of your wing boy there."

"And why should we trust you, vampire?"

"Erm lest see, because I am vampire and I can sense what she needs. So anyone want to volunteer for her to feed from you?"     

The End

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