Jeremy: Winner

I got up, smirking, and crouched into a battle stance. Still smiling, I edged forward, towards Riley. He seemed confused, but then he grinned evilly.

“You actually think you can beat-” I cut him off by lobbing a stake at his leg. It went all the way through. He yelled out in pain, but otherwise stood still. I pounced on him, but he ducked just in time. I landed gracefully on a branch that stuck out of the tree that he was standing behind moments ago.

I stared at him for a minute, and then I somersaulted off of the branch, soaring through the air. I landed behind Riley, and I grabbed hold of the stake in his leg, twisted it, and yanked it out. He cried in pain.

I jumped on to of his shoulders, and then flipped off of him, propelling myself by kicking his back. I couldn’t help but laugh. He snarled, and narrowed his eyes. He crouched low, and stayed like that for a moment.

I straightened up, just as he rammed into me. We both fell to the ground. I growled as I pushed the stake into his chest. His eyes widened as he got to his feet, glaring at the stake surprised. He stood there for a moment. After a while, he frowned.

“Why am I not dust?” he snarled angrily. I laughed,

“Years of experience taught me where exactly to stick the stake if I wanted to kill a vampire. I missed it deliberately. We need you.” I explained simply.

I moved with incredible speed. Even he didn’t realise what I was doing `till it was too late. I tied the rope around him so he couldn’t even move.

Me and the other slayers took him to the house to Remus, who was sitting, reading.

The End

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