Riley: Just a mere slayer.

He was fast even for a mere slayer. I was laughing at his attempts to catch me. I even slowed down just to see if he could catch me. Sure enough he eventually caught up with me. I sprung on him then, but he moved out of the way. Then I saw him take something out of his jacket, something long and sharp. We were looking into each others eyes sizing each other up.

"So how do we do this? We run or fight. Either way I'll win." I told him casually. I didn't really have time for this, I needed to rest.

"Well if I kill you now, then I won't have to do it another time." He replied still looking into my grey eyes. I chuckled under my breath, he was clearly enjoying this.

"Yer whatever kid. I can out run you like that". I say clicking my fingers. "Like I say, either way I win."

"Win what exactly?" He questioned me; the look of confusion went across his face.

"Natasha. Sooner or later she is going to be what she really is. A vampire" I informed him.

 "What? She half human. She doesn't need blood like you bloodsuckers." He spat at me.

"So? She may be human. But deep down she's a vampire. You really think she going to go without blood? Human blood? Given her age, I'll watch your neck if I were you." I tell him. I was about to leave when his voice stopped me.

"She would never kill a human. And you watch your neck." He threatened stepping closer to me.

"I didn't say kill. She wouldn't drain them. Just drop or two of your blood. You might enjoy the experience". I walked away from him. Of course that's when he lung himself at me. I turned and grabbed whatever weapon he had in his hands, and throw it far out of reach. Then he kicks me in the chest sending me flying on to the ground. He pinned me down to the ground.

I could feel his pulse racing in his wrists, where my hands where. It would only be too easy for me to flip him and take his blood. I snarled and hissed at him, this only seemed to make him smile and light laugh escaped his mouth. This sent his sweet warm breath in my own mouth. I wasn't sure what he would do, but I was looking forward to finding out. Either way I was going to win.        

The End

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