Riley: Taste

Her blood was nothing like I've ever tasted. I couldn't help but taste it. I made the cut deeper using my figure nail. I knew that my venom wouldn't really harm her, but still I was new to this. She gasped at my touch, making me smile. As I was about to stop, I could sense that we weren't alone. The sound of wings and footsteps were coming closer. I reluctantly took my lips of her beautiful skin, then I quickly kissed her full lips and ran under the safely of the trees. That's when I heard them call her name. ‘NATASHA'!

I could see her looking around with a surprising look on her face. Then they found her and bent down to look at the cut on her leg. One thing for sure, I knew that I would be easier next time to find her. I licked my lips and heading home. Knowing that it would only be a matter of time before I found her again.    

The End

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