Natasha: Riley


I found myself in the park. Not really knowing how I got there. My mind was else where. I shouldn't have sneaked out; my father would be worried about me. I was told that it was dangerous, that I shouldn't be out on my own. But I need to get out, before I became dangerous. I shivered at the thought.

"Morning". I was too lost in my head, that I hadn't realised the casual voice that startled me. I looked up to find grey eyes looking down at me.

"I.I erm. Morning." I stuttered out.

"You looked far away then. I don't mean to pry but, is there something bothering you"? He asked me.

"That's kinder a trick question really." I laughed. Something about his voice seemed familiar.

"May I sit with you for a moment"? He smiled showing white teeth.

"Yes sure. I should be going really, there be wondering where I've got to." I move over slightly giving him room on the bench. He sat down next to me, leaning back.

"The name Riley." Riley told me holding out his hand.

"Natasha." I took his hand a shuck it smiling. Riley? His name suddenly rang in my head.

I gasped taking my hand away and standing up. "I. Erm. I have to go. Sorry." I hurried away from the bench then. He was suddenly walking besides me.

"What's wrong, Natasha"? He was so casual it irritated me; I wasn't looking where I was going so I didn't notice the uneven path that I was walking on.

"I just have to goo... Ouch!" I tripped over the uneven path and ended up falling over. "Stupid flaming paths." I muttered.

"Are you ok, are you hurt?" Riley questioned he was looking over me, and then his nose winked up.

"I'm fine. Just leave me alone ok." I couldn't stand all this fuss, I only fell.

"I'm not so sure about that, may I"? He bent down; he was looking rather closely at my legs.

"Fine. Whatever." I sighed. I could feel him roll my combats up on my left leg. I looked then to see what he was examining. I had a small cut on my leg just below my knee. I could smell my blood, his cold pale hands touching the area around my leg.

"I know who you are." I suddenly blurted out. Snapping my mouth shut, I waited to see if he would respond.

"I just told you my name. If you were listening." His gray eyes were still touching my leg. When I didn't reply back he looked at me, studying my face. "I reface the question for you." He added. "I know what you are. Am I correct"?

"Yes. I know what but..." He placed his cold pale skinned finger on my soft lips, making me stop talking. I nearly stopped breathing for a moment. He suddenly leaned forward and his lips were whispered in my ear.

"And I know what you are, Natasha Amy Johnson. Daughter of Remus and Clair Johnson."

"How do you know that"? I whispered back to him. My breathing coming out all daggered.

 "Everyone has there own secrets. Besides, your scent gives you away. It's so exotic to me. I never come across a half vampire before." His eyes locked with mine. "I see you soon." Before getting up he bent back down to look at my bleeding leg. He lowered his head then he suddenly licked my cut.

I gasped at the touch of his tongue against my skin. Then something sharp cut deeper into my skin. I screamed once, and then the feel of his lips against my skin was tingeing. I gasped again. Then he stopped, my eyes were closed so I couldn't see what he was doing. His cold lips quickly kissed my lips, and then he was gone.

"NATASHA!!!" Shouted a very loud anxious voice.

The End

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