Jane: Vision of death

"I have to go Jeremy...... the moment I read that note I..... I saw a future" I stutter. "If we stay here she won't come back"

He looks shocked. I pull my arm from his hand and turn and run out the door. "Jane!" Jeremy shouts. "Wait up!"

I hear feet behind me. But I don't slow down my pace which is quick. I don't know where I'm heading. Just looking for Natasha and for some strange reason I want to be away from Jeremy.

I feel a hand grab my wrist and turn me round. I look up at Jeremy and I see slight pain. "Why didn't you stop?" he whispers.

I feel something flash through my head. A past memory of when I was very young. Probably about. 5 years old.

I'm running and...... Jeremy's running after me. But at that point a car pulls up and I jump in.

I gasp coming back to reality. I see Jeremy's eyes widen to and his grip on my wrist tightens. "This isn't the first time we met"

"NATASHA!!!!" I hear Paul's anxious voice shout.

The End

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