Jeremy: Just A Walk

 I read the note from Natasha, but I didn't really see why everyone was trying to find her.  It clearly says that she'll be back.

 I rolled my eyes and got up off of the red settee, nearly walking into Jane as she was walking towards the front door. I grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

 "Where're you off to?" I asked. She frowned,

 "I'm going to look for Natasha." I groaned,

 "Jesus Christ! She's only gone for a walk, and she said in her note that she'd be back!" I exclaimed, nearly angry. But I couldn't be angry at Jane.

 She frowned.

 "I don't know, Jeremy. I had a friend who ran away once. She wrote a note saying she'd be back, because she hated her parents, and wanted to crush their hopes or something." She exclaimed.

 "Well, I'm pretty sure that Natasha loves Remus. She ran away from home to see him! Why would she run away again? How could she hate him if she'd done that?!" I asked. She looked torn between going to look, and not going to look...Or something else.

The End

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