Paul: See

Natasha was missing. I mean I care slightly but its not the biggest disapointment in the world.

Jane turns and glares at me. I hold up my hands. Not the right words I get it. I stroll of to the kitchen. I'm hungry.

Everyone else probably is but they're all fussing over Natasha's strange getaway. I grab a roll of bread and tear it apart with the air into little pieces.

I then make those pieces float in the air. I put one in my mouth just as Jane marches in. She throws a top and long coat at me.

"Go look for her. Mr I-Don't-Care" She hisses. "The coats for when you have to land. You don't deserve to be thought of as an angel"

Ouch, that hurt. I tie it round my waist and pull on the shirt. Don't ask how I get it on with my wings. Its a mystery to everyone. Its like the fabric allows my wings to slice through it but not leave a mark.

I head for the door passing..... Remus! That's it. Anyway I pass him waving slightly. I duck out the door and jump up taking off with a flap of my wings.

I lazily search...... Ouch. Great Jane just mentally shocked me. I fly over to the park and..... Bingo!

I spot her and crud...... She's not alone.

The End

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