Riley: Camping

How I love camping trips. Just the excitement of it all. Who's sleeping where? Sitting round the camp fire, eating food and telling ghost stories about things that go bump in the night.

I caught their scent only moments after talking to Micheal, it was just too easy. I hadn't fed in while you see, so I got lucky last night. 3 girls and 2boys, they didn't even see me coming. Not like they could have stopped me anyway. After I drained them of blood, I used the alcohol that was left over the chuck over them. Then setting them on fire. Well that's 5 teenagers, that will be absent from school on Monday, I chuckled to my self in memory.

I could feel that the sun was going to be coming up soon, not that it effected me. I wouldn't burn to death or sparkle like in some fictional book. Instead, it would just slow down my speed and strength. A vampire was its strongest at night under the moonlight. I was walking normally back to my apartment when the sun rose, the quickest way was to go past the old mansion near the graveyard. I hadn't been down this way in a while, but I knew that the family of vampires that used to live there. Well someone killed them. Dam vampire slayers.

 I could hear voices coming from the mansion, loud voices. My hearing was strong because of the fed a few hours ago.

"Your daughter unbelievable, Remus"! A male voice shouted.

"I should have heard her leave the room." Another voice female added

"That's not the point. Doesn't she know how dangerous it is"? The male voice replied.

Wait. Remus? That's the guy. I gasped I couldn't believe this. I walked quickly then away from the mansion, just in case they could sense me. Then I spotted a black KA parked on road. It was the same car from last night. It was her scent. It surrounded the area of where the car was parked, I followed her scent. It was leading down the street towards the park. I chuckled to myself again. This was just too easy. I had to hurry though; I could sense that the other vampire slayers would pick up my trail. I had to reach her before they did. Even if I couldn't talk to her, I just needed to see her. I could still hear the slayers, but their voices seemed to be getting closer. Sadly at human speed, I ran down the street following her scent.              

The End

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