Natasha: Sneaking out for a morning walk.

I knew I was awake, but I refused to open my painful heavy eyes. Instead I rolled over. "Bang"! Dam it, I forgot where I was. I fell on the floor in a heap. I stood up quickly shaking the blanket off me. I looked over at Jane then, to make sure I hadn't woken her up. Paul had said that Jane hadn't, slept in nearly 3 days. She needed all the rest she could get right now, thankfully she was sound asleep. I hear her heart beat, beating quietly in her chest.

It would be soo easy. You know it, I know it. His evil voice rang in my head again. I also realised then that I wasn't breathing, but I was leaning over her. The sound of a bird outside the window made me jump, shrinking I put my hand over my mouth. That's it; I have to get out of this place. Get some air. Even though, dad didn't want me going out by myself. I didn't want to think about it. I chucked my black combats on, white t-shirt and headed down stairs. Being as quite as possible, but not before leaving a note for dad.

‘Went for a walk to clear my head. Be back soon. Natasha.' I grabbed my lace up pumps and went out the door. Quietly shutting the door behind me, I didn't want anyone coming to stop me. I started walking down the street not really knowing where I was going. Breathing in the fresh morning air and feeling the sun on my pale-ish skin.     


The End

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