Natasha-"Talking to strangers, over a drink."

Dam! Wing boy was observant. I didn't like people seeing me like this. I turned back to the window then, feeling eyes being to fill up.

"It was our song. Mine and Nicky's. When we first heard the song, we listened to it for days on end. The school was holding an autumn talent night. So for a laugh, me and Nicky entered it and we sang that song. We came second, which was quite amazing really for us." I told him still remembering that night so clearly in my head.

"Wow, that's really good. What did you do next"? He asked. I sense that he was getting closer to me, but I still wouldn't meet his golden eyes.

"In the summer, Nicky runway from home. Didn't call me or anything. That's when I started to seeing Robin. We had known each other ages and that summer we started going out. Then just before Christmas, we found out that Nicky was living with her uncle. But she...she was going though stuff...she couldn't take it anymore...   " I stopped then. Paul was standing next to me his face full of concern and wonder. "She in some foster home now, I haven't seen her in years."

"Here sit down. Do you want a drink "? He suddenly said as helped me to sit down.

"Why, you got a bottle of vodka hidden in your wings"? I joked to him.

"No, but you look like you need a drink." He laughed back, he had nice laugh that opened up his face. And with that said, he actually flue off, then returning with a bottle of vodka and two glasses.

 "Better make it a double. I haven't finished yet." I laughed taking the glass to my mouth and necking the drink.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere. Natasha, let it out." He smiled having a drink himself. Well I hoped he was ready for this.

"Ok then, here's the story. Nearly a year later, I had changed. I let my golden curly hair grow over my shoulders. People thought I wanted a new look. But I didn't, I wanted to hide the tattoo that I got. Me and Robin were still together, still going strong. Robin taught me how to open other people's car, and he taught me to drive. Even though I was only 16. But I didn't care, I felt reckless driving around in some else's car."

"Then one night we went into a club that was having an ‘open mike night'. I hadn't song in public since last year, Robin bug me all night to go up their and sing mine and Nicky's song. So eventually I got up their and sang mine and Nicky's song. The club went mad when I finished, apparently the next month there was a big singing competition. Robin entered me in for it." Like before I stopped, taking a deep breath and drink before I carried on. Paul waited patiently; this next part was going to be hard.


"That night I waited for Robin at the club. I didn't feel nervous, just worried about him. It was my turn to sing. I sang mine and Nicky's song that night. But I couldn't see his face. I looked but I could see it." I knew that I had tears escaping down my cheeks, I quickly whipped them away".

"I won the competition. But it didn't matter to me anymore. All I kept thinking was, ‘where was Robin'? When I went home, mum was happy to see me even happier when I told her about me winning the competition. Then I got the phone call. It was his dad; before he spoke I knew something was bad." I stood up walking towards the grand piano, touching it again and not looking at Paul.


"There was this old wooded bridge near where Robin lived. As kids we were told never to play on it. We never listened. It had being icy so the bridge was frozen and slippery. Robin's sister older Eve was giving Robin a lift that night in her car. She couldn't see well the snow was too thick... She didn't see the motorbike... until it was too late. She swirled the car... crashing... into the wooden rails. Robin wasn't too badly injured... so he got out of the car. But he... he slipped... on the ice... and fell... in the freezing water..." I struggle to get the last part out, fighting with my tears.

I suddenly felt warm strong hands on my shoulders. I stopped crying then, I didn't want him see me like this. I was just a stranger to him. I was then able to carry on. "At his funeral, he finally heard me sing. Even if he couldn't see me. I started to learn how to play the piano too. Robin always said that I had a ‘musical talent'; I just had to find it." I broke away from his hands then. Taking another drink and then turning towards the door.


"I'm sorry. You didn't need to hear all that." I said turning my head back to his golden eyes.

"No. I'm sorry. I had no idea. And if you ever want to talk or anything really." He told me, I couldn't work out the look on his face. I smiled and replied in a small voice. "I guess, I needed to tell someone. Someone who didn't know about me. So, thank you. Paul.

"Anytime, Natasha." He said smiling at me. I went back to my room then. Closed my eyes and fell into dreamless sleep.      




The End

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