Jeremy: Ivory

 I moved my shaking hand, and the vase moved with it. Was I making this thing float? Did I really have a superpower?

 I heard a dark laugh behind me. I whirled around, and saw Remus leaning in the doorway of his office. I let out a deep sigh.

 "Jesus, Remus. You nearly gave me a heart attack." I exclaimed, smiling.

 "So I see you've found your power. Telekinesis. That's a good one" He said,

 "Wait, all slayers have powers? Like Jane and everyone?" I asked.


 "But how come I've only just found out about it?" I gave Remus an accusing glare. He rolled his eyes.

 "We were going to tell you, but we're only allowed to talk to you about it when you actually get them. Otherwise it could mess you up. Don't ask why; no-one knows." He explained. That calmed me down a fragment of a bit.

 "I need to go clear my head." I said. Remus rolled his eyes. Again.

 "Why do you always use that excuse for going on your piano?" he asked, smiling tauntingly. I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him jokingly.


 When I got to the room with my piano, I could hear voices upstairs. No-one ever goes upstairs. I ran up there to find Paul and Natasha conversing on the third floor. And there was a piano in there.  I'd never noticed that before.


The End

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