Paul: Voice of the night

I don't usually sleep. Well, I don't need to much anymore. I have lived a long time. To long to count if you ask me.

I heard the voice singing. I didn't know the song that well but the voice was quite calm. I followed the tune to a room on the third floor.

I lean in the door frame. I watch the girl sing lost in her own little world. I think her name is Natasha, then she stops. "Isn't that song meant to be done by two people?" I say curiously.

"It is. But I sing alone" she replied. Then after a moment hesitation she turns to see me watching her.

I hear the sharp in take of breath. Probably my eyes, they shock everyone the first time.

Even shocked Jane and hers swap between two colours constantly.

"I thought everyone was asleep" she says. I shake my head.

"I don't sleep. Well, I do but I don't need to as often..... Jane shouldn't have to either but... she uses her abilities to much" I laugh at the end and Natasha joins in her laugh soft.

"She fell asleep quite easily" Natasha says raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well if I've got it right from her state she's hasn't slept in..... oh three days, max" I say remembering how she held herself up tiredly.

"Really? That's quite long" Natasha says.

"Yeah.... So, whats so special about that song? It seems it makes you sad"

The End

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