Natasha-"Be hide every door."

I left Jane to sleep, she looked tried and as soon as her head hit the soft pillow she was asleep. I, on the other hand was now wide awake. Wandering around in the room, not knowing what to do. I had already unpacked my things earlier. I was sat on my bed hearing Jane sleeping peacefully. Envy. I sighed getting up I grabbed my iPod and headed out the room. Apparently, everyone had taken the rooms on the second floor so I headed towards the third floor of this house had to offer. Or rather mansion as Jeremy told me.

On the third floor landing I could sense that I wasn't alone here. The strange faint sweet smell seemed to linger everywhere in this old house. All the doors that I passed where closed, until I came across a door that was slightly open. Curious as to what lied be hide the open door I went in. Along the left side of the room, there were three big glass windows. The walls were bare and the only light in this big room came from the moonlight that shone though the windows.

But the thing which struck my as odd, was the black close lid grand piano standing in the middle of the room. As I went over to the piano, floods of memorises came shooting at me from every edge. I touched the smooth black piano and was amazed that it didn't have a dust on it. How did this get here? Looks as if, someone has been playing on it.

I stepped away from the piano, remembering a distain memory that I wanted to keep locked up. So instead I put my iPod to my ears and closed my eyes.  The next song that came on was ‘The good kind' by ‘The Wreckers'. I almost skipped it, knowing that it would re-open my past. But I didn't, it had been 1 year since the accident. His accident. I let the music play in my head seeing Him in my head. I repeated the song again and again; I also knew that I was singing the lyrics too.

Eventually, my iPod died after the fifth time of me playing the song.  But I didn't. I took my earphones out and sang the song to the big room. As I was singing I was looking out of the window.

"Isn't that song meant to be done by two people"? A deep curious voice asked. I was too lost in my singing, to sense that another person was watching me.

"It is. But I sing it alone." I replied to the deep curious voice, which crept up on me.

 I looked towards the door and there staring at me with bright golden eyes was Paul.           


The End

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