Jeremy: Teleke...What?

 I didn't want to go to sleep again, which was good because I really wasn't tired. Instead, I decided to go see Remus. He's always up.

 I walked quickly and purposefully towards Remus' office. If I hadn't have been to this mansion like house before many-a-time, I defiantly would've got lost. But I knew this place like the back of my hand.

 I was about to turn the corner that would've turned me to face Remus' office, but a vase dropped from somewhere above. Probably one of Remus' old stuff, put up there so it'll be safe. Yeah. Very safe.

 I instinctively held my hands above my face, but I heard, nor felt, nothing. I dared to look up. 

 It was floating in mid-air somehow. 

The End

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