Jane: This is bad

"This is bad" I say jumping to my feet.

"What, it could be anyone?" Natasha says.

"No..... its to similar to not be the Micheal I know" I say.

"Who is the Micheal you know?" she asks.

"A vampire and one that doesnt seem to die at that. He...... I knew him before he changed. Good friend" I mutter.

"Wait, You want him dead yet he is your friend" Natasha says rising to her feet.

"One, he was my friend and Two......... I don't wish him dead even though killing Vampires was my born perpose" I say.

Silence decends. "We must not speak of this to no one.... for mine and your privacy" I say.

"Would you like to share my room it does have two beds" she says smiling.

I nod.

"I would be glad to....... Natasha, will you be my friend?" I ask.

"I think I already am" she says smiling. I smile back the go over to the other bed sliding beneath the covers.

The End

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