Natasha- "Night Time Calls"


"Are you sure you're ok? Princ...Sorry. Natasha." Dad corrected himself. I knew that is was hurting him. Not calling me princess, because to him I was still his little girl.

"Yes, dad. I'm tired. Had a lot to take in tonight. Plus I haven't slept well in a while. Maybe it's a ‘vampy' thing." I joked to him. Dad just smiled. But I could see the pain in his face. Every time he looked at me with those eyes. He blamed himself for what happened to my mum all those years ago.

 "I never knew that vampire." His face turned serious. "I've tried. Believe me I have. But the only thing I found out about him was that." He stopped shaking his head.

"What, dad?" I asked wanting to know as much as I could.

"That he's powerful." he told me. He was about to walk away when I stopped him with my next question. "How did he do it? I mean, without hurting mum"?

This question had being bothering me all night. He turned round then, his mind on other things.

"Honestly. Natasha. I don't know. How he managed to direct his poison into you, and not kill your mother at the same time. It's a mystery." And with that said he walked towards my door. With one last look at me he closed the door be hide him.

I got changed into my shorts and t-shirt and collapsed into bed. I was asleep in seconds. Only, 10mintues later I had a strange feeling sweep over my body. The next thing I knew I was standing in a park. It was dark and just like everywhere else there was little light. Must be a dream I thought to myself. It had to be a dream; looking down at myself I was still wearing my shorts and t-shirt. The wind blow, which sent slivers down my spine. I also realised then that I had a golden glow around my body. OK so this is new.

 Suddenly, I could hear very faint footsteps which where getting close to where I was standing. Dream or not, I had to hide. Quietly I crept be hide a brush, in front of the brush was a park bench. The footsteps stopped near the bench. Please don't see me. Please. Please. I couldn't work out the figure that had stopped near the bench, but the figure sat on the bench. My breathing stopped, heart pounding, sweat dripping. Buzz. Buzz. ‘Yikes' I shrieked out. My hand went straight to my mouth to stop anymore noises escaping. Thankfully who ever this figure was didn't hear me. They just answered the phone that had made me jump.

"Well I wasn't expecting this call". The voice was deep and sounded quite surprised when his phone went off.

"Don't seem so surprised, Riley." My hearing, could just about hear the other person on the phone.

"I'm not. Well maybe a little. You haven't been in touch for a while now." Riley replied to him.

"Yes. Well, you haven't had a job in a while have you? Besides I was busy earlier. Making a few deals myself. Until I got interrupted." The other voice informed Riley.

"Yer I kinder heard about that. Same girl"? Asked Riley. "Thomas, ran into her himself tonight."

"Thomas? Ha shame she didn't kill him. Useless bloodsucker." Whoever was on the other side of that phone laughed to him self. "And what do you mean you heard about that"? He snapped.

"News travels fast in this town. Heard that she killed quit a few of your ‘boy's'." Riley explained.

"Yer. She's fast. But not fast enough to kill me." He laughed. "To be fair though, she got a pretty good hit on her."

"What and she didn't injure you, even when you hit the wall"? Riley questioned.

"She probably thinks I'm dead and gone." He stops laughing "Now the reason I called was to give you a little job."

"Nothing just a ‘little job' with you." Riley sighed.

"Watch it Riley. Remember who you work for." His voice turned hard

"Sorry boss. What's the job"? Riley asked.

"You heard of someone called, Remus Johnson haven't you"? He questioned.

"Sort of. Hasn't he just moved back to town"? Riley answered.

"After all of these years. And he's not alone. Word is he got himself a new student. In fact, I very briefly meet him tonight. Strong kid." He told Riley.

"And what? You want me to kill him. The kid"? Riley asked.

 The voice on the other end of the phone chuckled and replied. "I might want you to do that. Then again I might not. For now that is." He had an evil dark laugh that made my skin crawl. Who was this person? And what did he want with my father and Jeremy?

"So what is it? This job"? I could tell that Riley was getting impatient with this person. And quite frankly so was I.

"Patients is verdure, my dear Riley. I'm going to be out of town for a while, so when I next call, I hope you have something to tell me. However small the detail is." He explained to him, his voice sounded all business like.

"Ok. Fine. Anything. Just tell me what you want me to do". Riley sighed again, clearly eager to finish the conversation.

But for some reason I couldn't hear anything. I even crept out of my hiding place, to move nearer to ‘Riley' if that was his name. I could see ‘Riley' shake the back of his head and stand up. He kept moving his free hand around out of frustration or anger? I could never see his face though only the back of his head and even that was burry. When finally, I heard the last part of the conversation.

"Fine. Michael. Fine I will do the job." Riley voice sounded tried and worn out. They must have had an argument over whatever job Riley was suppose to be carrying out. Riley's next words made my breathing stop. "I've got her scent already." I couldn't hear who he was talking to now, but he must have said something else. "Yer. Unbelievable, isn't it." Riley chuckled to himself and closed his phone.

Pain suddenly swept though my body taking me out of the park. I woke up in a dark room. Gasping for air. Sweat dripping from my ghost white face. All I could say was. "It can't be me, it can't be me". Then I could hear a  dark evil voice whispering to me. "Daddy's little princess, will be drinking their blood soon enough. Will you give in, to what you really are? A vampire"? His dark laugher filled my head. "NOOO"! I screamed at the evil voice.  






The End

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