Jane: Night is Peaceful

I sit on the sofa in the living room knees pulled up to my chest. Its very quiet and peaceful.

The Night is peaceful, it always is.

"Aren't you going to be?" I look up to see Jeremy hesitating in the doorway. He has stopped like he was walking in.

"No, but you can come in I don't mind" I say shrugging. I do realise that there only one sofa in the room and is only two seater, not much space.

Jeremy walks in and sits down and picks up a remote which he almost immediatly puts back down.

"Um, Jane about earlier...." Jeremy begins.

I freeze turning my head to look at him to realise he's facing me. "I...." his voice trails of and I find my eyesight looking between his eyes and his lips.

......So close.

I find myself leaning forward and see he does the same. Then his lips touch mine and its a shock as something pulls inside me.

I move to I'm kneeling on the sofa but facing him.

I feel one of his hands move into my hair then the other to my waist. I find my arms wrapping round his neck.

The Night is peaceful.... and full of wonders.

The End

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