Natasha- Cooking up a love storm


Jane announced that she was going to make some dinner. I hadn't eaten all day. My weak body was crying out for some nourishment. I only hoped that, that wasn't blood. Human blood to be precise. Somewhere deep inside me, something lit up in excitement. My nose instantly went around the room, sniffing out what my insects where telling me to do. STOP! My mind was reminding me of who I really am. Which was what?

I will not drink human blood. No matter what happens I will not let myself kill some innocent person. I made the promise to myself. I my be half vampire and have the instincs of a killer, but I will not kill a innocent human to quench my thirst with their blood.

"I'll go and see if Jane needs any help." Jeremy suddenly said. A small smile played on his lips when he said Jane's name. He went out of the room into kitchen. I could hear the sound of cupboard doors being opened and close and the sound of packets being rustled around.

"How are you feeling now? Natasha". My dad asked me still some concern in his voice.   

"So are my fangs hidden or don't I have any"? I blurted out.

"Your teeth may be a little sharper then normal. From what I have studied, your fangs well canines become longer. When you..." He stopped mid sentence, trying to work out the easies way to tell me. "When you smell blood or your about to kill." He got out. Ok, so that interesting.

I got up I could hear something weird. I followed the sound which led me to the kitchen door. Jane and Jeremy were standing close together. Very close. The sound was coming off them. Loud beating heart beats.  Their eyes locked for just a second and then the moment was gone. Jane looked back to what she was doing. I couldn't see her facial expectation. Jeremy steps back looking slightly confused, he was still looking at her with warm big eyes.    

I went back into the living room and sat back on the velvet luxurious settee, afraid that they seen me. I didn't need some book, to tell me what was going on there. I smiled to myself and thinking ‘Well this should be interesting'.

The End

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