Jane: I'm gonna cook

"Well, I think I'll make us some dinner" I say then head towards the kitchen.

"Make your special" Paul shouts.

"I'll make what I can" I say back but keep my voice low. "No need to shout"

I go into the kitchen and look through the cupboards and find enough stuff to put together a curry and some rice.

"What you making?" I look up to see Jeremy walk in the kitchen door creaking closed behind him.

I lift up a hand and a knife comes spining it to it (Of course I get the handle).

"Curry" I say smiling. He walks to stand closer.

"Need any help" he says.

"No thanks" I jerk my hand so a pot puts itself on the stove then click my fingers lighting the fire.

"You know how to use your powers really well" Jeremy says a bit shocked.

"Yeah, Dad taught me to use them since I was three then when I met Paul at the age of eleven we went out messing about which eventually turned into vampire slaying" I say shrugging.

I put down the knife and turn going to get something but I didn't realise how close Jeremy was.

I freeze as does he. He opens his mouth to speak then closes it. My heart is hammering in my chest. I look away and he steps back.

"I'd still like to help if thats alright" he says. I nod then I begin to instrust him as I do  my own parts.

The End

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