Natasha- Voices and expirations


"Natasha! Natasha, Shh. Everything ok" My dads alarming voice was close to me. I could feel someone's arm on my shoulders and other reassuring voice around me.

"Remus, what's happening to her"? Another voice sounding concern was close by me to.

"I'm not too sure, Jeremy. She seems to be dreaming. But I'm not sure." My dads wondered "Natasha, can you hear me"? His voice asked me.

"It's fading...Growing darker...The gold sparkling light...The mothers tummy... The baby...I can't see... It's dark..." I gasped out, my eyes shut tight.

"No way. Remus, you said. I can't believe this. Jane is she having what I think she having "? The voice that was close by was growing louder and interested by the minute.

"Yes. I think she is. But I can't read her mind. Her head is burry." A different voice also sounding amused and a hint of concern informed him.

"Neither can I. Remus you said she didn't have any abilities like us." The voice that was still close to me said.


"I know that Jeremy"! My dad snapped at him. "Sorry I didn't mean that to come out the way it did. When she was young, she didn't have any abilities like you. Only that her senses were strong. It seems as she grown, those senses are stronger. And she may have developed a few skills." He calmly.

"The...dark shadow...Teeth...Sharp teeth...Poison...The baby." I could feel myself waking up my vision was slowly coming back to me.

"Jane, is she going to wake up soon?" A different voice asked it sounded futher away from the other voices close to me. No one spoke. I needed to get out of this fading darkness. Fast.


"Wow. Now that was strange. Yes she is. She going to be alarmed and shocked." Her voice was coming closer to my hearing.

"Me and the others will go upstairs then. She be stressed out enough, without having all of us hovering around her." This different voice explained to her. My sense of smell was reapplied coming back to me now. My head coming clearer. I could feel a warm heat over my body and then it disappeared.

"That should help her." Her voice, sounding clearer happier. What was that? What are they doing to me? Who are they? Dad?

"Jeremy, did you hear that. Was that her"? Her voice was surprised

"Jane, if can hear her loud and clear in my head. Then you should be able to pick up more." His voice replied to her. His voice still close, his warm breath against my exposed skin. They could hear me how? I didn't like that.

I struggled I open my weak heavy eyes. When I eventually did I was looking into worried turquoise eyes. I shut them quickly. Gasped.

"Natasha, princess"? My dad's worried voice said to me. My head shoot up then.

"Don't... ever call me... that... again" I told him though my teeth. My breathing was coming out in short quick breaths. I heard a quite chuckle close by.

"Got a bit of a temper, have we"? His voice amused. I was going to respond to that using two simple words. Starting with F and ending with off. But something was niggling my head. The dream. The baby.

"Remus you need to tell her." Jane explained to him.

"What? Who are you? In fact who are you"?  My voice, getting higher as I spoke. I also stared into these turquoise that were still close to me.

"Think you better take this one, Remus." He challenge my dad.

"Natasha. I well I don't really know how to start really." My dad was sitting by my legs as he looked at me. He took a deep breath and stood up pacing by the fire place. "This isn't easy for me to tell you but. You just had some sort of a vision. But from what you said, well gasped out. It seems to be your past. Your mother's in fact. When she was attacked, by a vampire." He spoke slowly letting me take it all in. Clair was my mother's name, that's why I found it strange. He continued again taking another breath. "When he attacked your mother, he somehow managed to get his poison into you." He finished.

"So what does that make me"? I can't be a vampire I go out into the sun and other things too. Like my diet. I smiled thinking of this, unbelievable.

"You're actually a vampire slayer. But also a half vampire. It's why your senses are soo strong. Also why you acted strangley when you first saw us". The voice closes to me explained to me. I looked at him more clearly. He had   Longish blonde hair, pale-ish skin, protruding cheek-bones. And of course those turquoise eyes.

"Well I guess that could explain a few things". I started to laugh then. Shock I guess, it felt good which ever it was.

A vampire and a vampire slayer. Hmm well there is worse things to be. Don't think I could handed all on that hair if I was a werewolf.




The End

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