Natasha- Dreaming

My dream was the strangest things ever. I felt like a ghost or a spirit looking at the scene before me. A girl with long wavy black hair was putting make-up on; she was wearing a very short deep purple dress that showed off her cleavage. It was hard to make the girl face out, she looked about 18.

The girl then grabbed her handbag and her high heeled shoes. Instead of going out her bedroom door, she opened her window and climbed out of her bedroom onto the grange roof. When she was on the roof she walked over to the tree that was in the garden. The girl manages to climb down with even ripping her dress. I was shocked at this girl; I wondered where she was going?

Next thing I knew I was at a partly and the girl was talking to boy with brown hair. They where drinking and dancing on the dance floor hands around each other. I couldn't work out their faces, but as the scene around me changed again something about the colour of there eyes got me thinking.

They were outside now hand in hand walking around in the moonlight. The boy had a bottle of vodka with him; they sat on a bench sharing the drink. The boy had his arm around her, I couldn't hear what they were saying but the girl was laughing at whatever he told her. As the night went on the drained the bottle, then I suddenly heard what they were saying.

"No wait you got to be kidding me. There just some fairly story that you tell kids at night." The girl was laughing and staring into his eyes.

"No really. There true. I could never lie to you. Not after all of this time." He told her "I love you Clair." He kissed her on her forehead. Clair? Why did this name stick in my head? The girl said something else to him and they kissed.

The boy led took her back to his place. The girl knew that she would be in soo much trouble when she got home. But for now that would have to wait. The boy and girl had a bottle of wine and started to mess around. Another bottle of a wine later and things started to get blurry. The next thing I knew the girl had woke up and was lying in bed her dress crumpled in the corner of the bedroom. The boy looking into her seaweed green eyes. The girl was looking deeply into his pale blue ones.


My hearing was picking up but I was still dreaming lost in the sense before me.

 "Thought you said that way she wouldn't be in pain" hisses someone who was close to me. Like before warm breath against my skin.

"What was it?" A different voice asks.

 "A fight but there was a vampire that was also a slayer" I heard someone faintly mumble. But I was drifting back into my dream. It had changed altogether now. The boy and girl were walking down a dark street hand in hand again. Something looked different about the girl her body shape, which was slim now had a small bump.

3 more months and then I will see my beautiful baby. I could hear a girl's voice but very faintly. The girl's hand was resting on her tummy. Then the scene became dark and blurry. From what I could work out the boy and girl were suddenly surrounded by dark figures. The boy shouted "Run" The girl ran down the allay and hid. Fearing for her baby's life more then anything.

"Your unborn child has strong scent. Strong blood." A dark voice hissed from the shadows. The girl stood up pinned against the wall. I couldn't work out the shadow, but the dark figure shot up against the girl and ripped her coat off showing her bump off even more. I could see white long fingers move across her bump.

"A girl." A dark evil laugh escaped his lips.

"You will not turn me" The girl voice was firm and strong.

"No. You're not worth it. You're weak. You're unborn child however..." He finished what he was saying and his lips went to the girl's ear and he whispered to her "Her further will be interesting. Considering her father bloodline and what he is." Another dark laugh escapes his cold lips. Then his sharp teeth went down to her neck. Somehow I was able to see the poison that went down her neck. It was gold and sparked. Then I saw the girl's tummy shine. Everything went black then I screamed. Fear for the girl and the unborn child...

The End

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