Jane: Sight

I yawn. "Not that this isn't interesting but-" I stop short and feel my eyes glaze over.

"Jane?" Paul says warily. "No, don't if you interupt her she'll just pass out and have to deal with it in pain"

"Deal with what?" Jeremy asks.

"A vision... or a spirit" he adds after a second of thought.

Something flickers in my vision then I'm pulled in.

Sharp teeth... Vampire? Blood spilled across the floor. Someone crying. A child born of two races.... their Leader furious?

A Vampire/Slayer. Improbable.

I gasp air rushing into my lungs. I'm looking up at Jeremy but he's looking up at someone.

"Thought you said that way she wouldn't be in pain" he hisses.

I moan feeling the pain in my head and sit up. "What was it?" Paul asks.

"A fight but there was a vampire that was also a slayer" I mumble.

"Impossible" Remus exclaims. "

"No, Improbable" I say looking up at everyone.

The End

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