Natasha- Weary eyes indeed.

I heard my father say my name. But I wasn't listening. My eyes looking wildly around the room. Quickest way out? Looking at the new strange smells in front of me my heart was pounding out of my chest. They smelt so strange; the smell was different from the other sweet smell. This town smell is really getting to me. I smiled thinking how mad I must be getting. I couldn't work it out. I used to me normal- well as normal as people could be. But since leaving home and coming here my body was going out of control.

I looked back to new smells and notice a girl looking even more closely at me, the thing that bothered me the most was her face. She seemed to be concentrating on something. Then she seemed puzzled. Looking into those violet eyes I could feel something in my body. It was nothing like I felt before; some sort of power is probably the only way to describe it was swilling in my body. And then it was gone. Just like that. My head however felt fuzzy.

Suddenly one of the smells walked over to me, he took his hand out of his jean pocket. I stood back against the wall, unable to do anything else. My head was getting worse. I looked up and gasped. Turquoise eyes. I looked back down, feeling pain at the back of my eyes. Then he spoke.

"Hi, my name's Jeremy. This is Jane, Amara, Otto and Paul" he said, gesturing to everyone. His voice was deep and his breath against my skin felt so warm.

"Na... tas..." I couldn't finish what I was saying. "Ahh". Gasping, my hand went out to grab something. My vision was going, I fell onto something or someone I couldn't be sure. Hearing different voices and smells getting stronger around me I fell into unconscious. Dreaming...


The End

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