Jeremy: Natasha

  We stood in the doorway, staring at the scene in front of us. A girl was standing next to Remus, staring at us with a scared look on her face. Remus looked up and smiled,

  "Hey, Jeremy, Jane and Amara. Who're they?" he asked, frowning as his eyes fell upon Paul. I raised my eyebrows,

  "We could say the same thing." I stated.

  "Huh? Oh, this is my daughter, Natasha." He introduced her, pointing at her crouched form. She looked around, obviously wary, and smiled begrudgingly, raising from her hunter's crouch. I smiled as well, and walked over to her to shake her hand,

  "Hi, my name's Jeremy. This is Jane, Amara, Otto and Paul" I said, gesturing to everyone.

The End

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