Natasha- New smells

"Well come in. You look like a drown rat." Dad took my bag and led me inside a hallway; rooms darted off in different directions to unknown rooms. There was a very faint sweet smell that seemed to linger here.

"O' thanks dad."  The weather had stopped raining when I was driving, but my hair and clothes were socket. I shivered under my jacket, this place felt cold and I didn't just mean the temperature either. Noticing me shiver dad led me into a big open room with a large fire place. Thankfully the fire was lit, orange and yellow flames warmed the room.

The room it's self had red walls with old faded paintings hanging on them. There were arms chairs and settees around the room. At the other end of the room there were some French doors which I presumed that led out to the gardens of the house. All in all, this entire place seemed quite grand, well it did once. Dust lingered around on the surfaces of tables and shelves. I walked over to the settee nearest the fire place and sat down.

 "I can't believe how much you changed." He smiled and sat opposite me in on of the armchairs.

"So have you. I can see the gray strands creeping though your mouse brown hair." I examined. His smile grow which shown some wrinkles on his face. I looked into his pale blue eyes which made me wonder why mine were different. My mums eyes were seaweed green and dads pale blue. And yet my turquoise eyes didn't seem to fit, my eyes also seem shaped different.

"Are you hungry"? His voice broke my day dream that I was having.

"You cook"? I replied to him. "From what I can roughly remember you couldn't even make toast without setting the fire alarm off."

"After seven years, that's the only thing you can remember about me." He chunked. "I'll have you know miss, that I can now cook quite a few things. Without burning them I might add." He said it so proudly.

I was about to add something else, but my body suddenly felt strange. Weary. I was looking even more closely around the room.

"Are you ok, sweetheart"? His voice sounded concern. "Natasha. Natasha"? I looked back at him. His face looked puzzled.

"I'm fine." I told him. I was pretty good at lying. Well I had to be with the amount of stuff I've been doing lately. Even so I couldn't work out the look on his face. Then I heard the faintest noise of footsteps and Flapping? Almost like wings? Impossible. A light thug of someone been lightly dropped on the ground outside. The noise was getting louder. I again looked over at my father who seemed oblivious to the strange noises outside. Then I heard the door been opened and closed. A flood of strange new smells came shooting at me.

Only then did my fathers eyes look away from me, I followed his gaze towards the door. The strange new smells stood closely together, with eyes griming straight at me. A mixture of emotions came over me. Hide. Run. And the scary one of all. Crouch and attack...                   

The End

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