Jane: Flight

"So lets go then...... Paul?" I say turning to smile at him.

"Okay" He says walking up behind me and hooking his arms up under mine.

"Where are you going?" Jeremy asks.

"Paul and Me are gonna fly. You have to walk" I say then Paul jumps and I squeal. He laughs and I look down at the people watching us.

"Remus's house is that way" I say pointing with my left arm but Paul keeps a tight grip around my body.

"Okay" he turns and I yell as he does a full circle. He laughs happily.

"I thought you enjoyed flying" he whispers.

"I do" I say smiling up at him which isn't easy. Then he lets go. I curl up and he catches me after a minute of dropping. He's laughing his head off.

"Not funny" I whisper.

"Yeah, don't think Jeremy found it funny either" he laughs. I look down zooming in on the small figures.

Jeremy looks a bit angry....... Hm, does that mean he cares or would he be like that if it was anyone.

I sigh. I don't dare invade his thoughts.

"Just get to the house" I mumble.

"Okay, Miss Jane" he jokes and I elbow him. "Ouch, that hurt"

"Good" I say sternly.

The End

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