Natasha- "What A Stupid Name For A Town".

"I'm leaving mum and these nothing you can do about it"! I shouted as I slammed the front door. I slung my bag over my shoulder and stomp down the street leaving my whole life be hide. And to top off a brilliant day it started rain. Great.

"Where you heading dear?" An old woman asked me on the train. I hadn't notice the old woman sitting next to me. "Erm. A town called Holly hill. Just outside London. " I told her. Strange name. I never even heard of it. Of all the names to call a place why the hell ‘Holly hill'? It doesn't make any sense what's so ever.

 "What business have you got there? If you don't mind me asking"? She looked deep into my turquoise eyes. What if I do mind?

"I. Erm. I'm trying to get home and the bus what I need to catch only stops there." I explained to her. Liar, liar. Ok but what else could I say? I didn't want to random old bag interfering with my business. Luckily the train just stopped at a station and the old woman was gathering her bags.  

"Well I hope your bus is on time dear. I wouldn't like to stay long in that town." Like before see looked deep into my turquoise eyes. This was really freaking me out. I smiled and said bye to her. I lent my head back resting banging head against the window. My long golden curls came over my shoulders hiding my face; I took my leather jacket off and covered it over my white vest top. My fingers were playing with my necklace. The necklace itself was sliver and had a small lighten bolt on the end. I must off drifted to sleep off because the next thing I knew the train conductor was tapping my shoulder.

"Come on love, this train is stopping here." His voice was saying. He nudged me again.

"I'm getting off here anyway." I smiled at him and grabbed my bag and walked towards the doors. I could hear the train conductor muttering something to him self. "This girl better not hang around here to long. She seemed kind of lost." For god sake! What is wrong with people? People never cared what you did in Manchester. I stepped off the train, went though the dissertated station and stood outside. No taxis. And no bus stops. This day just keeps getting better and better. Not many street lights either and it was still raining. A car. That's what I needed. I walked away from the train station down the slope. Bingo. A black KA parked under the tree.

I knew how to start the car, no-one was about. As I got closer to the car there was unfamiliar smell around the area. Not unpleasant, sweet but as I approached the car the smell was stronger. I started to work on the car and eventually the car door opened and I slid in and started the engine. I plugged my Ipod in the car the first song that came on was ‘4ever' by the ‘Veronicas. I really didn't need this song right now. The next song however seemed about right for my mood ‘Since U been gone'. By Kelly Clarkson. My music seems to fix around my moods. I turned the volume up and I hit the gas pedal.

I zoomed around the dark streets and came to a boarded up house wonder what happened here? Old strange smells again. Must be the townie life. I laughed to myself; I've always lived in the city. I parked the car and walked up to the red door. It was late and I wasn't sure if anyone was in let alone awake. I gripped my bag took a deep breath and knocked the door and waited. After a few more knocks the door finally opened.

"Hiya stranger." A familiar voice said to me and a hand reaches out in front of me. I let my bag slide down to the ground. I took his hand and he kisses my own hand.

"Hiya back". I replied to him.

"Look at you. My princess Natasha all grown up." He smiled slightly down at me and then brought me into his arms for a hug. I broke the hug and letting go of his hand. "You know that I'm so sorry for what happened." He said quietly. I knew that he meant it I could see it in his eyes.

"Let's forget about it." I told him. "I still love you. Dad."







The End

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