Jeremy: Fire And Ice

  "Fire works too, right?" Ottoline stated. I frowned,

  "Uh huh" Jane said cheerily.

  Another vampire rose from the ground, smiling and growling. I turned just my upper body around and threw a stake at him without even taking a step, gave a scowl, and turned around as the vampire tumbled to the ground, dust and ashes.

  "Very blasé," Jane exclaimed quietly. I rolled my eyes.

  Amara hadn't said much, but she piped up after a while,

  "Do we all have powers?" she asked. Everyone excpet me siad 'Yeah' or nodded.

  "I don't." I stated. Everybody frowned, but Amara let it pass,

  "Can everybody tell me their powers?" she said politely...

The End

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