Otto: Alrighty Then

"The name's Otto," I said with a bow. "But remind me to give you a proper introduction later when we aren't fighting for our lives." I turned to face the last few vampires. "Alrighty then. You behead them right?"  If only I had thought to bring any of my sharper stage items. Then we'd be having fun. But my stuff was in my pack, which was up in the tree. Oh well, a little melee combat never hurt anyone...

I turned around to face a vampire. His arm swung out at my head. I leaned back as his fist passed over me, going into a back hand spring, kicking him in the face as I executed it. As I landed back on my feet, I ran at the stunned vampire. I knew I couldn't rip it's head off like Jeremy had, but I had a little something else in plan.

"I don't know about you guys, but I like my vampires well done." I brought my fist up to my mouth, inhaled through it, and then snapped my fingers, as I exhaled a burst of air over them. A cloud of fire erupted from my fingertips, lighting the vampire on fire. I coughed a few times and turned to Jeremy, Jane, and Amara, who were taking out their vampires. "Fire works too right?" I asked.


The End

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