Otto: Just Like Daisies

I sat perched on a limb of the old oak tree as I watched the scene unfold beneath me. Three vampires had already clawed their way out of their graves, and more were coming out of the earth like daisies. Cold, pale, bloodthirsty daisies. 

I knew it was only a matter of time before they smelled me. I knew I had to attack first and surprise them.

I turned back to the group of three and cracked a smile. The middle one, the one one with the black hair, was badmouthing the undead.

She had her fists up and had taken a fighter's stance. "Come on Fangy. Too scared?" Flames suddenly engulfed her hands.

I stared in surprise. "What the-" The vampire below me looked up. Crud. I quickly jumped off the limb and landed a perfect kick to his face. The vampire crumpled as I landed on top of it. My moment of accomplishment lasted for only a second before I noticed the hungry look on the other vampires' faces. Double crud. Reaching into the sleeves of my dress shirt, I pulled out a throwing knife. I had never actually used one on a person, or monster, but I hoped it'd have the same effect as they had on the trees I usually practiced on.

"Eat this, ya filthy blood sucker!" I screamed as I threw the blade at it's head. The knife grazed the vampires shoulder. Super crud. I backed up, only to find my way blocked by the vampire I had just killed. There was a sickening crack as he straightened his nose out and glared at me. Oh snap.

"How do you kill these things?" I screamed.

The End

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