Jeremy: Patrol

  Remus frowned, but let it passed, as he walked out from behind his varnished oak desk.

  "Now, there have been a lot of killings lately, around the graveyard area, if you know what I mean. So, you three will have to go on  patrol, and hunt the vampires."

  "Yay, patrol!" Jane said, but I didn't know if it was sarcasm or true excitement. I rolled my blue eyes. I hate patrol.

  "Well, come on then," I muttered grumpily. Jane frowned at my sudden mood-change.

  We walked out of the house, and there was a cemetery a few streets down. I popped in my ear-phones,

  "Avril Lavigne, again?" Jane asked, snickering,

  "No, Evanescence, this time." I replied,

"Oh yeah? Which one?" she asked,

  "My Immortal. I only like it because I can play it." I said,

  "On what?" she asked,


  "You play Piano? Awesome." She said appreciatively. 

  We didn't talk much until we got to the Graveyard. I looked around, but it seemed dead- no pun intended-. But somehow, the music flowing through my ears, though gothic, it seemed to make me feel better about being in a graveyard.

  We sat down leaning on gravestones, and had a midnight picnic. I didn't wanna eat, so I decided to get out my Spanish book and study. School work always seemed to leave my mind when I was on patrol.

  Me encanta ir de vacaciones en Inglaterra porque es múy precioso. Tambien, es múy verde y bien. Pero simepre llueve. Mi hermana no te gusta ir de vacaciones en inglaterra porque siempre llueve.

  "You know Spanish?" Jane asked. I knew it fluently, but the teachers didn't need to know that.

  "Yeah." I replied simply. Suddenly, a pale hand appeared from under a grave, and started grabbing at the air. The vampire was out of the ground, and smiling, within seconds.

The End

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