Jane: Muffins

"Hmm" I wander to the kitchen.

"Jane" Jeremy calls confused. He follows me as I look through the doors of the cupboards just with my eyes.

"You have any muffins?" I ask turning to him and tilting my head questioningly.

"Uh, No" he mumbles. I shrug and put my hands before me cupped. A ball of purple light forms there then blasts out after two second revealing a muffin.

I take it in one hand and bite into it. "You are just impossible to work out" Jeremy says shaking his head.

"Not impossible" I say skipping back into the main room.

"You seem happy?" Remus says raising an eyebrow.

"I'm always happy after solving something" I say smiling. Jeremy comes back and stands close.

Close enough all I can think about is him. His smell, his breathing, his build.

Uh, he's just to cute for his own good. I mean there are better but some how..... Mmm.

Then Remus begins to talk.

"I did reaserch on um, Psychic Slayers... Seems only been three before" he says his hands moving restlessly.

"Yep, all of them all alive today..... in antartica" I say shrugging.

"Why Antartica?" Jeremy asks.

"There on a reaserch trip. My Father and his two companions. My mum went as well but she's normal" I say.

"Reaserching what?" Amara asks.

"Uh, I don't understand it" I say annoyed.

"Hm, smarter parents" Jeremy says smiling at me.

I glare at him angry. "There both immortal. My father made him and my mother immortal..... he said I had to learn" I say angrily.

"Ha, you got kept out on the secret" Jeremy laughs. I pout angrily and glare at him and he shrugs.

The End

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