Jeremy: Meeting Remus. Again...

  We got back to Remus' house whilst his head was bent over a book, his glasses halfway down his nose. He obviously noticed us enter, but he was too engrossed in his book to bother looking up. I looked at the title.

Slayers And Their Pasts, By Johannes Buffay

  "Ree, hello?" I said, waving at his face. He looked up, blinked twice and shook his head. He pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

  "Oh, terribly sorry, Jeremy, sorry Jina." He said, nodding towards Jane,

  "Uhm, Ree, her name's Jane." I said. His eyes widened,

  "So sorry, terrible memory in old age." He apologised quickly. He frowned when he noticed Amara.

  "Another one?" he asked, incredulous. I smiled half-heartedly,

  "Yeah. Her name's Amara- Amara." I said it twice for his memory's benefit. 

The End

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