Jane: Funny

I burst out laughing. This guy is unbelievable.

"Whats so funny?" he asks.

"Sorry, but I found that real funny" I say smiling up at him. He blushes only slightly.

Cold Ice can be pierced.

"Oh, Wait don't we have to get back we might be in trouble other wise" Then I feel a ache in my foot.

"Ahh" I say kneeling down. "Better heal this first"

I take off my black Dr Marten boot off my left foot. A bone is looking deformed.

"Ouch" I mumble.

"Oh my god" Amara gasps and Jeremy gawks.

I shrug and say "Nah, I've had worse"

I power up my hand with energy and put it to the my foot. The body moves and even though its slightly uncomfortable I don't make a sound.

I pull my hand away and Jeremy and Amara gasp. I put back on my shoes and pull my jean leg down then stand up.

"Let go" I say smiling.

"Can you heal this?" he says gesturing his eye which is starting to blacken to the side.

I rub my hands together them make a pretend gun with my hands shooting a bullet of energy at the bruise which reverses before its finished.

"Tah-Dah" I say. Then turn to Amara.

"You should meet Remus too" I say smiling.

"Sure" she says shrugging.

The End

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