Amara Orannis

I slipped through the shadows towards the fight I could hear ahead. I changed my name when I became a slayer- I don't remember my first one, only that it didn't fit my new life. Amara is eternal, Orannis is the Destroyer. Both appropriate. I heard footsteps behind me, too quiet to be a humans. I turned and saw the vampire, then a shadow like substance swirled into a ball in my right hand. I threw it at the creature and he disappeared in a flash of black light. One of my three powers- destruction. Another ball of shadow swirled into being and I set off again. I turned the corner and saw two slayers fighting hard. They didn't notice me. I stayed where I was, waiting for it to end. After what felt like about five hours they finished. I stepped out of the shadows.

"Scuse me, but who are you?" I asked, trying not to sound disrespectful or challenging. I dropped the dark destruction ball on the nearest vamp, which disappeared.

"I'm Amara," I added. I've never liked people looking intently at me.

The End

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