Jane: Hey Boys

"Shh" I motion for him to duck and he does. We creep along to wall.

I rub my hands together and a purple flame sparks up. Then I step out. The whole group turns.

"Hi Boys" I say smiling. One of them hisses then Jeremy steps out.

"Oh you have help this time thats new" The leader says stepping forward.

"I don't have to have help to kick your butt, Michael" I say getting into a fighting stance.

Michael sighs. "When will you learn" He says motioning the vampires around him to come in.

"Ready?" I ask Jeremy over my shoulder.

"Ready" He says standing in a fighting stance. I jump and go down into the floor popping up behind a vamp. I take his head in a strong lock and stab him in the back with blades that I've produce from my knuckle.

I see Jeremy on the opposite side struggling with about three vampire. I force my palm out and two of them go flying.

He knocks the last one out and gives me a quick nod in thanks. I bring my elbow back into the stomach of a vampire behind me.

I jump into the air and purple bird shaped wings form out of my back.

Michael shakes his head and smiles. "This is getting old" he says shaking his head.

"Really? I'm having fun" I say as I kick another vampire in the head. Sending him flying across the room from the burst of energy I released.

I turn to look at Jeremy who seems to be coping. The Thwack.

The End

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