Jeremy: Coastal Town

  Jane smiled a little bit when Remus ordered that I go with her. Well, it could be fun. I hadn't had much action- vampire action- in the past few months, and she knows where to find a whole gang! I needed this.

  Jane skipped out of the room gracefully.

  "See ya', Remus." I said to Remus, who's head was bent over his book, his thick eyebrows mashed together in concentration.

  "Ciao," he replied, waving half-heartedly without looking up from the big, brown book.

  I walked with Jane, my hands in my jean pockets. It wasn't that cold, but it was still cold. And I hated the cold. Ever since Mum and Dad.


  Mum walks into the kitchen, wearing a flowery silk dress that billows out along the floor. She wears a pair of big, round, dark sunglasses that shroud her pretty crystal-blue eyes. On top of her blonde hair, she wears an enormous straw hat that shrouds her in shadow, which is good on a hot day.

  "Hiya, darlin'" Mum says to me as she walks gracefully around the kitchen, picking things up as she goes.

  "Cass! Come here, quick! Jordy's walking!" my Dad shouts from the front room. My mum laughs, and sets the big wooden spoon down on the wok.

  I run into the front room, with my Mum on my tail. The walls are a beautiful Cream colour, as is the fluffy, soft carpet. There is an enormous black leather settee, and a red armchair on either side of it.

  Sitting on one of those armchairs is my Dad. His hair is a blacky-brown colour, and it's combed back into a small quiff. His face shows lots of wisdom, but not even the half of what he knows. There are a lot of wrinkles around his eyes and his mouth.

  I look down at my baby brother, Jordy. He's very cute, and smiles all the time. He has chubby cheeks, and literally chubby everything. Jordy lifts his chubby hand into his toothless mouth, and starts to slobber all over it.

  But suddenly, a loud bang sounds from outside, instantly deafening all of us. I could see everyone screaming, but I couldn't hear them.

  Two men jump into the room through the window. They get out shot guns from their holsters. One un-heard bang, and my Dad was dead. Another, and my Mum was gone. And then he pointed the gun at Jordy, who laughed, oblivious. Anger pulses through me as I run to the man, and punch him so hard, that his face would've gone inside out.

  I look down at my dead Father and Mother. I fall to the ground, shaking them violently, trying to make them come back to life. But all I feel is the cold.


  That was years ago. Ten years ago, in fact. I was only seven. Jordy's okay now. He lives with Remus. And we visit my parent's grave every weekend.

The End

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