Jane: Thats cause I'm a psychic Slayer

"Thats cause I'm a psychic Slayer" I say looking through a wall to see a kitchen then pulling back out.

They watched me shocked and gawking.

"What?" I say confused.

"You just put your body through a wall" Remus says.

"She did that earlier as well" Jeremy mutters.

"So? Psychic Slayer's can do almost everything.... I've only found a pinch of my power........ I could make my self and others immortal if I could work out how"

"Remus.... how is this possible?" Jeremy asks him.

"I don't know. I've heard stories of the possibility but....."

They both look directly at me and I smile and wave. Sort of childish like with my eyes and head tilted to the side.

"I need to look into this" Remus says strongly.

"Can I go? I need to find this small cult of vampires that killed a small family in this costal town" I say pouting.

"No, I would like to learn more about you" Remus says defiently.

"Well, can I at least kill this cult first?" I say moaning slightly now.

"Yes, Jeremy go with her" he says nodding to the boy.

I smile biting the side of my bottom lip. Yay, I get to take cute boy with me.

The End

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