Jeremy: Meeting Remus

  I walked with Jane to Remus' old, boarded up house. Well, it's not legally his, it was just a house full of a nest of dirty vampires. I slayed them, and Remus decided to live there, rather than on the streets.

  The house may have been boarded up, but it was grand, and beautiful. Those were some rich vampires. Jane's eyes widened infinitesimally.

  "Rich vampires? Weird..." She murmured.

  We walked into the house, and Remus was sitting on the settee. He had brown hair that was slowly greying, his face wasn't really wrinkly unless he smiled, and he has pale blue eyes. Overall, he looked about forty. But he didn't look like the crazy guy I met at first. He had long, messy hair that shot out of his head in an array of spikes. But now he just looked like a dad.

  "Hey, guys!" he greeted us, smiling, "Who's this?" he asked, eyeing Jane.

  "I'm Jane." She said, shaking his hand. He frowned.

  "Slayer? Two slayers?! This can't be good." He said, shaking his head as he walked back into his office. I frowned.

  "Sorry about that. He gets crazy at some point in the day." I lied,

  "No he doesn't, he's just scared. There's only meant to be one slayer. You've ruined it." She added, laughing.

"Actually, I'm older, so you  ruined it." I corrected.

  "How do you know you're older? Maybe I only look sixteen." She said,

  "You aren't the only Vampire Slayer with telepathy. Yours may be strongest, but us slayers all have a small amount of it. But not much. But I'm surprised you have so much! It's like it's another power for you, separate from the slayer powers. Us normal-if you will- slayers can only guess at what people are thinking. Like an educated guess, but you can fully read minds." I said, frowning.

The End

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