Jane Storm

"Shoot" I turn and run. My feet hit the ground hard. My body is heavy and even though I'm a fast runner and physically built well I will never out run the vampire chasing me.

I turn and catch his eyes.

"You will not follow me" The vampire eyes roll back and I know mine are flashing a light violet.

I smile turn then run off down the alley.

Oh, how I love being a Vampire Slayer. I turn the corner and thwack.

"Ouch! Watch it" I shout as I stumble back.

"Who are you?" I look up to see a boy staring down at me hard.

"Oh" I say then I hear a growl from behind me. "Opps. Gotta run"

I run round him legging it so hard down the street. He see's what's chasing me then follows me down the street.

"You're a slayer" he says looking at me shocked.

"Of course" I turn and create a shield which the vampire bounces off. "Bring it fang boy"

The vampire gets to his feet. His lips is split and bone is repositioning itself back to its right position in his foot.

"Ouch, broken foot bone must have hurt" I say smiling. He bares his teeth and growls.

I clench my fists bringing them up purple flames burning round them.

"Are you sure you want to take on a fully fledged psychic?" I say smiling.

He growls angry but slowly backs up, turns then runs. I sigh letting my hands drop to my side.

My whole body aches. It always does when I use so must power. Inner power is really hard to find never mind project the way I have to.

I turn to the boy. "So, whats your name? I'm Jane" I say holding out my hand head tilted and smiling.

God, this girl is weird.

"Excuse me. I'm not weird just different" I say.

He looks embarassed. "I'm Jeremy" he says.

"It was nice to meet you Jeremy" I say turning and heading off.

"Where are you going?" he says walking after me. I lean back out the wall I got half way through.

"Home" I say.

"Um, I have more questions and I'd think it be best if you met Remus" he says stuttering.

"Sure" I say jumping back out again. "Lets go. I cant wait to meet more people"

The End

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