The Vampire Slayers

Join the gang! Be a slayer, and rid the world of the evil undead, slay them, and go to 'Slayer High', a school made by the original slayer, made to train all future slayers, but now no-one believes in anything like that, it's just a normal school now!

  Jeremy Remus, a vampire slayer. Who would've thought. Well I never did. I always thought that they were myths, and I never, never, would've thought that I could've been been one.

  My name is Jeremy and I'm a vampire slayer. I was recently approached by an old man that went by the name Remus Johnson. I found it weird that his first name was my last name, but I thought it was coincidence, so I took no notice.

  Remus followed me around for a few months, and I was considering ringing the police, but something about the way he looked at me stopped me. It was as if he was waiting for me to realise something. But what?

  A few days after, I started to feel weird. My skin grew harder, my strength went from mildly strong to incredibly strong. My eyes, once a dull blue, changed to vibrant turquoise. My fair hair that went down to my eyebrows turned blonder.

  That was the day that Remus approached me.

  "Jeremy, you've been changing throughout your entire life, and I can give you answers. Do you want me to?" He said. I nodded, my face a mask of worry.

"You're a vampire slayer- chosen to fight the evil that lives among us, feeding off of us." He explained.

  After a few months, he started to train me, to enhance my brilliant fighting skills. He'd pulled me out of school to do this, and he had a cover story that he was my dad- I had no idea how he got the legal documents. But I had to go back to Slayer High at some point.

The End

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