Elliot sighed as he sat on the sofa. Being the clan leader was hard work. He constantly needed to appear in control; cool and collected. An example needed to be set for the rest. He had to appear against the fighting and the violence.

However, beneath his composed outer layers, he was beginning to lose control. He enjoyed the violence; he was beginning to crave it. He hated the wolves; to see their blood spilt was one of his ultimate fantasies.

Wilson, his flatmate and best-friend passed him a glass of blood. Swirling it like a wine connoisseur, he sipped it.

“I would say.... A forty year old Italian male”, he said.

“Correct”, Wilson sounded amazed. “How do you do it?”

“It’s a special talent I learned a long time ago”.

Elliot was quite proud of this particular ability. He thought of himself as a blood connoisseur. And by drinking only the supply of bottled blood he and Wilson had stashed, he no longer needed to feed on the humans. Sure he missed the satisfaction of sinking his teeth into their flesh, but he had the wolves for that, However infrequent the occasions he got involved. Elliot’s face was creased with worry. The strain of the war was beginning to get to him. He did not know how much longer he could maintain his cool in front of his clan. He was supposed to be striving to maintain order and looking for a way to resolve the situation. No one knew of his secret desire for it to continue. Not even Wilson.

“Do you ever fret over the fact that Darian might try to seize leadership of the clan from you?” Wilson asked. Elliot’s eyes flicked up at the sudden question.

“What makes you ask that?”

“We do not know that much about him do we? It does put him in the dark and its quite odd how he hasn't put his claim forward,  being thirty seven years older than you".

“I think he does not want the power. I think it does not interest him. Although you are right, we don’t know much about him at all”.

“Whatever you say”.

Elliot turned to his own thoughts once again. He was definitely beginning to lose control of himself. How long would his clan stand behind him if he did?

The End

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