Alec: Always

"Wait!" I call seeing some girl in the elevator. "Hold it"

She does stopping the doors close with a delicate hand. I jump in and smile but slowly my smile falls. I begin to feel awe at the look of this young girl. "Hi" she says with a smile. "I'm Cathy"

"Alec" I whisper and we shake hands. The smile settles back onto my face and I realise as her hand clasp mine that she's a vampire but not too old or young. In her hundreds I'd guess.

"Sorry about earlier by the way" She says pushing a strand of hair back from her face. Her hair is beautiful. I wish I could slip my fingers thro- Wait! What the hell am I thinking? I've known this girl less than 5 minutes and I'm fantasizing.

"Its okay" I say shuffling my foot nervously. I stare at the toe of my all star converse shoes and sigh in relief when the elevator goes ping.

"Do you want to go get a coffee?" she says. "I mean just pop into some cafe somewhere"

I'm stunned for a few moments before realising she's just trying to make me feel welcome. "Didn't that, uh, guy ask you for a pizza?"

"Elliot? Oh, he's the clan leader and he wont mind if I'm slightly late" she says with a smile. "Besides its still sunny"

I laugh and I swear I see her blush. "Well, if you insist" I joke.

"Oh, I don't-" I shoot her a look with a cheeky smile and she blushes before laughing. "Oh, you were joking"

I nod with a smile. I shove my hand in my pockets. "Shall we go?" I say with a smile. She nods and we head out into the warming sun. I smile tilting my face up to enjoy it.

"You like the sun?" Cathy asks as she slips on some sunglasses. The thing is sun doesn't burn vampire it just makes up human if we're in direct sunlight. We have no fangs, our eyes are normal, we aren't super strong or fast and we don't get the thirst for blood. Problem is it hurts like hell to keep switching.

"When you've been living as long as me its not as bad" I tell her looking at her and smiling. We begin to walk down the street.

"How long have you been around?" she asks.

"340 years" I say in a calm voice. I hate my age.

"No way" she whispers. "You're older than Darian"

"Who's he?"

"We rarely see him but he could be clan leader if he wanted. He lets Elliot though who's second eldest" she says.

"Hmm, interesting" I whisper looking off down the street.

The End

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