I lean out my room door to see whoever has moved into the room opposite me. Nobody has been in that room for ages. I was gonna help him with his boxes but then I decided I was too busy on the internet to do that. 

Neverish stalks past me, snarling at me, still fuming from the fight, but sits on the sofa and crosses her arms tightly.

"You said you wouldn't."

"She started it," she says stiffly.

"Well, that's a lie. The whole building heard it. You sound like a toddler. Here," I throw a cloth to her so she can wipe the blood off her eye. "That had better be your blood."

"If only it was hers," she winces, dabbing her wound. 

I frown. "Neverish, when I met you, you weren't like this."

"When you met me I wasn't involved with a filthy, scheming-"

"You can stop there. I'm going to the shop. What d'you want for dinner?"

"Anything," she drops the cloth on the floor. The bleeding has stopped but that's going to leave a scar. I sigh. When I was little, two girls who loved the same boy would chat and laugh together about it. I'm now one hundred and twenty five years old and it's come down to this. A fight. We're all in a rivalry. 

"Great, I'll get that," I roll my eyes. "Have a shower, you have wall dust in your hair. And then you can go and apologise to the guy next door. I doubt he wanted this when he moved in."

She grumbles something incoherent and goes into the bathroom. God, that girl can really get into some problems. I love her like she's my own sister, but she has to get sorted out. I know I sound like a mother, but I'm worried about her. I know that Elena could win a fight any day. If Neverish wasn't so argumentative and determined this would have been over ages ago.

"Would you mind getting a pizza for me and Wilson? I'll pay you back," Elliot asks me when he sees me leaving. "And please try to restrain Neverish."

"I'm sorry," I nod. "She's going to apologise." Elliot is the vampire clan leader. That's how this mini war is split - vampire against werewolf. All the werewolves are on Elena's side, while the vamps are on Neverish's. Of course, I have to support Neverish - she's my best friend - but I try not to get too involved. The only person who isn't involved is Stacy, because she's a witch. 

"Good," he sighs. "We need to sort out this problem."

"Can't disagree with you there," I say. "Pepperoni, right?"

"Yep," he says, smiling. "Happy travels."

"Lucky living," I respond with my own smile. This is something we've done since we met. I don't know why, we just have.  

That's the good thing about Elliot. He isn't too strict.

The End

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