The Vampire Next Door

Alec is a vampire. He has been for 340 years now. When moving to an upbeat area in london he discovers that from number 36 to 41 are all filled with either werewolf or vampire and that they are at war. Oh and then their is Stacy at number 42, she's a witch.

"Thats it" I say dumping the box in with the others. "The last box. I'm all moved in" I look around the fancy penthouse apartment and smile. The entire outer wall of the building is glass and I can see the beautiful sunset. "I think I'm gonna like it here"

BOOM! The room shakes and I trip over my feet. "NEVERISH!!!!!" A roar ripples through the front door and all the walls.

"What in the blazes?" I whisper. I head to my door opening it only to see a ball of fur bounding my way. I yell and  close my door in time just to avoid in. I head a loud thud and reopen my door. The ball of fur, which was in fact a wolf, is struggling with a fiery girl. Wait, scratch that. I can't believe it but she's a vampire... like me.

A lot younger than I. I can tell by the eyes that only look a redish brown. I frown then other doors open.

"Elena! Get of Neverish!" A man snaps. He's young and obviously a alpha. The wolf growls and stalks back into a room down the hall shifting into a most beautiful female before ruining the image and slaming the door. The alpha looks at me. "You're new aren't you?"

I nod silently.

"I'll give you a word of advise. Stay out of the fight" he then slams his own door. The female vampire, Neverish, stands up and goes to her room the one across from mine. She mumblec furiously and she slams her door shut. Then everything silent and the door right at the end creaks open. A little ginger headed girl pops her head out looks around. When she spots me she looks like shes about to panic.

"Its okay" I assure. "I won't hurt you"

She nods and scurries out of her flat. "Terry was right. You should stay out of their fight"

"What's it about?"

The girl hesitates at my door. I lean against the frame and she blushes. She coughs composing herself before looking at me again. "Neverish and Elena fell in love with the same man and well...... Neverish called Elena a flee ridden mutt. Elena called Neverish a blood sucking parasite. This got out of hand. Now, Terry's pack of him, Elena, Max, Samuel and Bluebell are fighting with Elliot's clan of him, Wilson, Darian, Neverish and Cathy" she sighs. "I'd just wish they'd stop"

"Yeah, do they always make that much noise as well?"

The girl nods with a wince. "I should be getting out while they're calming down" she says heading off.

"I'm Alec by the way!" I call after her.

"Stacy" she calls back as she hops into the lift. Okay, not the right place I was hoping for.

The End

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