The UnTournament (Summer 2010)

All the challenges - without the deadlines or critiques!


The UnTournament (Summer 2010)

Many of you will have heard of the Seasonal Poetry Tournament, hosted by the Poetry Workshop group. If you haven't let me explain it to you briefly:

Poets sign up to the tournament to better their skills and join in writing poetry with other people with similar interests to them. They have deadlines and judges who will critique their work and tell them how to make it better.

This is nothing like that.

The UnTournament is a relatively new idea, it has occurred before but not in such an official medium. This is the Tournament for those of you who haven't got the time to dedicate to a full tournament, or just don't want your work ripped apart by a panel of judges. This is the Tournament for those of you who aren't as competitive and just want to try a new challenge every now and again. No deadlines, no judges, no worry!

This is the six Tournament challenges, opened up for everyone.

This is those challenges, for you.*

1. Release : 24th August

2. Release : 29th August

3. Release : 4th September

4. Release : 11th September

5. Release : 19th September

6. Release : 25th September

Now obviously, we can't give you the challenges whilst the competitors of the real tournament are battling away, but they will be posted up as soon as every competitor has handed in their poems for that round. Then it will be your turn.


The End

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