just another day

I woke up with the sun blaring into my eyes, "ah damn". my car smelt like booze and so did I.  I sprayed some deoderent and drove off, the sun bounced off her like a fireball, I had that camping thing tonight so needed to get busy. went to kellys flat, she'd let me clean up.

she opend the door with a smile "ah crap, I'm getting robbed again ain't I?" she said, I luaghed,  "yeah, gonna steal your water, gonna let me in babe?"  the puppy eyes always worked with her, "boy get ya ass in here before I change my mind" before the door had closed behind me, my shirt was off and the trainers were kicked off into a corner, as I closed the bathroom door she called "whats that brown stuff on your boxers!" I luaghed as I flashed my ass at her just before the door closed. I turn the heat up and stepped in, washing after two days felt damn good.

I'd spent a little while at kellys drinking coffee, then I jumped in the old beast and went down the chinky's place for lunch, noodle's tasted like dog crap but who cares. then the beers and I figured I'd stock up my way, found a drinks truck, and when the driver went inside to get his papers, I slipped to the side and cut the canvas with my pocket knife, a few crates in the back and a fast get away before he got back. great.


few hours later it was dark, I was drunk and then we were in the woods about to explore an underground tunnel, you know, just another f*cking day!

The End

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